About Us

Fagro food products Pvt Ltd is a promising name in the domain of food trading, import and export. The company exports a range of agro and dairy products, fruits, spices, vegetables and more to varied locations worldwide. The company also excels in importing several important food items from renowned destinations.

Why Us?

During the entire import or export procedure, we make sure to retain the freshness of the food items. We execute this important job with excellence by:

  • Following stringent packaging standards and
  • Maintaining controlled temperature during the shipping of the products.
  • Driven by innovation and committed to providing high quality food products to the consumers, we hold a commendable reputation in the food processing industry.

Our Objective

With our food import and export (impex) business, we aim at achieving multiple goals:

  • Contributing our bit toward speeding up industrialization across the globe.
  • Meeting international and domestic demands for food
  • Providing food items to avert people from starving due a natural calamity like earthquake, flood, drought
  • Provide high quality food products and hence improving the living standard

Our Mission

We carry out our import and export business to serve the profound mission of:

  • Equipping the domestic and international consumers with high quality and fresh food products
  • Ensuring timely shipment of the food items across national and international precincts
  • Equipping the people and places with the desired food products at the right time.
  • Delivering trust and value to our business stakeholders in India and abroad.
  • Facilitating production, improving revenues and generating employment to the needful people

Our Vision

We work with persistence and perseverance on our multi-fold vision that includes:

  • Being the leader in the import and exporting industry through our diligent, honest and time bound efforts in the coming years
  • Infusing revolution in the livestock and agricultural sector through import and export of food products
  • Paving the way for a congruous and encouraging workplace that could transform the lives of human resources forever


Our Values

We believe in building everlasting relations with our business collaborators and other stakeholders. To help us fulfill this coveted purpose we stand on our five pillars with firmness.


We respect all our business stakeholders, including our business partners, employees,   consumers and more. All of them comprise an integral part of our values and beliefs. Their safety and security throughout our food processing, trading, export and import business remains paramount to us.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to make sure that our customers get the food product that could prove value for money. With excellent customer service, we believe in making them feel valued.

Quality Products

Our objective of providing the customers with high quality food ingredients remains an inseparable part of our core tenets.


We are committed to providing unsurpassed services to our customers, communities and societies located across both the domestic and international parlances, wherever we are doing our import and export business.

Foolproof Strategy

We depend largely on the combined power of knowledge, integrity and satisfaction in order to make our business a success.

Our Line of Business

We are an experienced company, operating in the import and export business now for more than three decades. Our current business roaster includes

  • Export of agro products, dairy products, spices, dry fruits and other food items.
  • Import of fruits, groceries, spices, dry fruits, oilseeds, agro products, livestock feeds, spices, and other food items.
  • Food and beverage processing including Soft Drinks, Green Tea, etc.

Future Endeavors

Having already embarked on a never-ending journey of food import and export, we have numerous other ideas in the pipeline. Some of the major domains in which we are all poised to venture in the better future include

  • Spices Factory
  • Chemical Business
  • Grocery And Restaurant Business

Let’s Connect

If you are also looking out for a reliable, dedicated and committed company to help you with the trade, export or import of food items or any other product, feel free to let us. We will reach out to you promptly to find out how we can help you the best way.

Healthy & Nutritious Organic Food

Stay fit and healthy by ordering our products in just a few simple steps. We will make sure you receive your boxes with fresh organic food only and right on time. It’s fun and delicious!

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100% Organic

Our fruits and veggies are grown according to the organic food principles, and is 100% secure for you to cook and eat.

Super Healthy

Our  fruits and veggies are grown according to the organic food principles, and is 100% secure for you to cook and eat.

Premium Quality

Our fruits and veggies are grown according to the organic food principles, and is 100% secure for you to cook and eat.